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Our Story & Mission

Bollywood dance had been inspirational all through my life, not just because it’s the most happening dance forms simple but because Bollywood dance has become a fusion of all dance forms in the world.

 India has over 500 years of dance history. The Bollywood dance style is a hybrid in its original form. The earlier dances in Bollywood films were dominated by classical dance forms of Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Folk dances from different parts of India. Since 1980s Bollywood dancing style has been influenced by Western dance styles.

Bollywood Dance style incorporates head, neck and body movements, mudras and footwork. There are about 108 mudras. Mudras together with full-body movements give complete meaning to the Bollywood Dance style. Bollywood Dance is the name given to the dance-form used in Indian (Hindi) films. The most energetic and colourful Indian dance forms are Bhangra and Garba (originated in the state of Gujarat, India). They merged with other dance forms from around the world and now you have the famous Bollywood dance. 

Bollywood Dance style is a fusion of various dance styles. It includes Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Bhangra, Jazz, Hip-hop, Arabic, Western dance to name a few. Classical Indian dance incorporates the two basic elements of dance and expression. The present-day Bollywood Dance style has elements of Indian classical dance and numerous other dance forms. The dance includes multiple formations, natural locations or architecturally-grand settings, a large number of background dancers and colourful costumes. 

Sometimes part of the film story is told in the dance. Bollywood hip-hop dance has recently acquired much attention.   Bollywood film’s story is centred around live music and dance. Indian dance is performed in colourful costumes with props. The classical Indian dance incorporates facial expressions, hand gestures (using mudras), body postures and movements. This brings life to the story. 

We at BollySouls aim at creating a fun and energetic atmosphere by dancing to the amazing songs from Bollywood films. The notoriously famous "Jhatkas & thumkas " (pelvic movements) of our beloved Bollywood land, is usually added to all famous songs, not just to make the dance more energetic and amusing but also make it a great way to release stress and burn those extra pounds.

Come join us and experience the joy of dancing.


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